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The Ionian Islands are a group of islands of continental origin, located along the west coast of Greece. According to many the archipelago is considered the most beautiful part of the country. The Ionian Islands consist of six larger islands – Corfu (Kerkyra), Zakynthos, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca and Kythira as well as a large number of smaller islands. The beaches you can find on the Ionian Islands are not just the best in Greece. They are actually among the best in the world!


The island of Kefalonia is known as a very unspoiled and picturesque place. Kefalonia has some of the most spectacular beach views in the world: Unlike the islands in the Aegean Sea, Kefalonia is known for its lush vegetation. Due to the more humid and rainy climate, is covered with thick olive and pine forests. If your idea of a good time is something like hiking, biking and exploring the nature, then the island will be for sure a real paradise for you.

The island consists of four peninsulas, and includes some fairly serious mountains, which all goes to make for some outstanding scenery. A series of earthquakes, the last in the 1970s mean there are relatively few relics of antiquity in the island, but architecturally it doesn't look very different from most of Greece. Towards the centre of the island there are two noteworthy caves: the beautiful Drogarati caves seem have suffered somewhat from the loss of rather a lot of its stalactites and stalagmites (allegedly due to occupying German forces using them for target practice during WWII) , but Melissani cave (actually a lake, formed when part of the land above collapsed during an earthquake), filled with brilliant blue water from an underground current which mysteriously flows right under the island, is a memorable experience.

Sami beach (a short drive out of the town of the same name) is also stunning,(blue water, white stones, mountains in a circle around the small bay) but has a permanent traffic jam around it. Myrtos beach, in the West, is also attractive and popular, but can be busy. This beach has a very steep shore break (you are out of your depth about 10ft out!) so is not recommended for non swimmers. Also take plenty of suncream, as the beach is made up of white stones, and in high summer can be blindingly hot. Less ravishing but pretty good beaches which are very much less crowded tend to be found in the south, around Scala and the Lixouri peninsula to the west. The beach of Xi, south of Lixouri, is a lovely sandy beach and always seems to have space and peace. Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos in Lassi are two stunning beaches, but predictably busy. Petani, on the Lixouri peninsula is very pleasant, while Antisamos, near Sami, is where they filmed some key scenes for Corelli. Kaminia Beach is a lovley shallow beach between Anno Katelios and Skala, where you may see a turtle!


The main airport, Kefalonia International Airport is located near Argostoli and Lassi, and is a typical international island airport.Flights to the Greek mainland are available from Sky Express and Olympic Air-Aegean. Also there are a lot of flights to some European countries as UK, Italy, Germany, Netherlands etc