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Our accountants protect clients from the reality of the extremely complicated Greek tax system by educating them about it and steering them towards the best decisions.


Before the Transaction:

1) Informing the client about his tax obligations.

2) Issuing a Greek Tax ID.

3) Assisting in opening a Greek bank account.

4) Briefing the client on the relevant financial subsidies that may be available, not only for private individuals but also for entrepreneurs (Corporate Agreement for the Development Framework a.k.a. ESPA, government and community funding)

After the Transaction:

1) Overseeing the incoming currency exchange or wire transfer from the client’s country of origin to a Greek bank account.

2) Examining the client’s data and portfolio so they pay less tax and avoid being taxed twice (by the client’s country of origin and Greece)

3) Arranging building stamps (for the Greek Insurance Company a.k.a. IKA) if the client is building a brand new property.

4)  Preparing and submitting the client’s personal income taxes (tax return) and property taxes through Greece’s electronic taxation system.

5) Bookkeeping and financial advising in addition to any other services that may be needed if the client wishes to use his investment for commercial purposes or to start a business.

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