Who are we?

SUNIONIAN is a team of lawyers, financial analysts, architects and civil engineers specializing in property sales on the majestic islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca in Greece.

The Idea

Using our experience, we simplify the complicated process of buying property. Experts in our respective fields, we ensure sales go smoothly by taking care of ALL the tedious, but necessary, behind-the-scenes details for our clients. Why waste time searching for each service separately when SUNIONIAN offers the full package with reliability and professionalism?

Our analysts accurately assess the value of the properties and, at the client’s request, assist with the negotiation of the purchase price without making any profit from the seller.

How does it work

  1. The buyer searches online and compiles a list of properties in Kefalonia and Ithaca that interest him via real estate websites or personal research.
  2. The buyer contacts SUNIONIAN either online or in-person and presents the properties.
  3. Collaborating with its group of certified property assessors, SUNIONIAN researches the client’s desired properties in terms of their commerciality and development and suggests a price range that reflects their actual market value- an indispensable negotiation tool that ensures the buyer pays a fair price.
  4. Our team of civil engineers inspects the properties regarding their construction and urban planning and informs the client so that he feels confident with his offer.
  5. After agreeing on the price, we represent the client throughout the entire process of completing the purchase, even if he can’t be there himself.
  6. Our team of lawyers then investigates the ownership status of the selected property by ensuring forthe client that the title deeds are clear, there are no outstanding legal burdens (mortgages, confiscations) or other obligations pending against it (such as court cases) that would interfere with its purchase.
  7. Our accountants create the necessary conditions for the buyer to enter the Greek tax system in order to purchase property. Next, we organize the details in a way so our clients pay less tax – legally!
  8. Based on customized development plans, our architects and civil engineers offer solutions for upgrades to the property so it can be used to its full potential. If the client is not able to be physically present during construction, they can view the progress in real-time via a private online account.

What is the difference between the company and a real estate company?

To be clear, SUNIONIAN is not a real estate agency. SUNIONIAN only has one client: the buyer. Our sole concern is to represent, protect and support him. On the other hand, a real estate agency represents both the sellers and buyers. Since the agency earns a percentage of the purchase price, they naturally focus on selling the property for as much as possible. SUNIONIAN has also the ability to represent the client in a negotiation even with the real estate agent if he is the mediator in the purchase.