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Architectural & Construction Services



Through our legal and registered architectural practice, topographic surveys can be arranged and all necessary architectural and structural papers prepared, in order to pave the way along the complicated road through all the required phases, to finally obtaining a Building Permit.

Sunionian focuses their innovative ideas and broad imagination in creating a home that is unique to you, on this beautiful island of Cephalonia.

Constructor Engineers with an experience to constructional interventions to buildings in combination to architects engineers create plans and conditions for rebuilding - amendments of currently existing properties adapted to the narrowed plans of the investment.

Our detailed services include:

  • The appointment of an Architect and coordination with the Planning and Building Controls together with other regulatory bodies ensuring a smooth process throughout the planning and concept stages of your project.
  • Feasibility studies for your project giving consideration to financial, legal, environmental and logistical aspects of the project.
  • Competitive quotations for all necessary work through tendering.
  • An assigned Professional Quantity Surveyor working on your behalf.
  • We are able to manage the financial structure of your project and ensure payments are not made until works have been completed to the relevant specifications approved.
  • Ensure the best possible combination of craftsmanship and value for your money by using professional contractors and competitive tendering methods.
  • We will only award work to fully insured and VAT registered companies who employ experienced professional tradesmen.
  • We are able to identify areas of risk and will assist to minimize their effects, if any.
  • Complete contract preparation and review.
  • Administration of all contracts and subcontracts.
  • Produce cost control analysis to monitor financial trends and potential risk areas.
  • Co-ordinate and document communication and flow of information between the various parties involved.
  • Site visits by civil, mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure quality control.
  • Co-ordinate the request and oversee the approval of all changes of work between the various parties.

SUNIONIAN provides to its clients the option of making plans for developing their investment according to their specifications and needs. The clients may have a full image of a 3D depiction through iPhone or android by knowing from the beginning the final appearance of their investment.


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